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Experts recommend doing an introductory Kitesurf course which teaches the first contact with the material. Kitesurf is a risk sport so we need at least basic standards of safety and rescue procedures to resolve situations that will break material, drop the kite, and so on.

This sport is dangerous in inexperienced hands, but the well-practiced Kitesurf is a sport that is beyond exciting adrenaline. In an introductory course, usually there is a theory part about security, window flight and a practical part, which begins in the sand with kite launching. This part makes contact with the force of the kite at different positions of the window of flight and its behavior in terms of speed.

Subsequently migrates to the water and practiced the “bodydrag” (displacement in the water without board), a technique that allows the retrieving the board in the water. Then they practiced “waterstart” (start with the board in the water). The kit contains various security features. The tandem is the comet-bar that contains more elements. A heavy blow with the wind too strong can make you out of the kite. We can be drag the attachment to the harness so-called “chickenloop” has a ring of security that can drop the kite body and only then is when the fifth line that keeps the kite away and gets lost does.

A pass through the bar lines, giving a margin for the toolbar can be pasted over the body or out, this action affects the kite making it slightly more or less sensitive to the wind (wind picking more or less), is itself a security measure, since it can regulate the kite when they come strong gusts of wind. Two-line kites do not have this system now essential (hence are no longer used).

Finally there is the formation of the comet, which depending on the brand and model can provide different security features

In this sport, safety, design and performance are improving. Every year new elements are being introduced. Kitesurf schools are designed to separate into several parts or levels courses in order to achieve the minimum knowledge needed to navigate independently and safely.

Such types of courses are progressive, meaning that you cannot start the next level course until you finished the level before.

The first level of the course aims to give the basic theory of sailing, wind, assembly and disassembly of equipment, Window Wind. Is taught to fly a small kite in ground, knowledge of all security measures, assistance in take-off and landing of the Kite, Kites fly, take off and land with the help of instructor, self-rescue maneuvers in the water and to re-launch the comet as if it falls into the water.

The second level of the course focuses on teaching students how to use the kite and the board so they can navigate. It also gives you the tools to recognize areas that are safe for navigation. We start with the curves of traction, Water Start, board recovery and forecast interpretation. Once finished the course, the student has enough tools to begin to have fun in a safe manner.

The third level of the course and gives students the freedom to navigate independently, it shows changes in direction, Orzar, Derive, sing, jump in Kitesurf theory and change management harmoniously.

Kiteboarding is a high risks sport for those who do not follow the minimum safety standards. To begin with, the ideal first step is to choose a qualified instructor, enroll in the course and follow it until the end.

Worst accidents result from people who try to learn alone or with help from someone with no experience. Also, if you learn by yourself, bad habits are acquired so they won’t allow you to move properly in the future.

Once the initial stages of contact with the flight of comets we just need a while to adjust to different Kites. Mainly professional models require an advanced technique of flying that the kites used in schools. We recommend you to try all the equipment as possible before deciding on the purchase one of a kind.  Different models and labels give different benefits.

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