Offers for Hotel Pousada Taiba Blauset
Kite Spots
North part and Taiba
Kite Spots Taiba e Norte

Porto Pecem

One of the best waves in the area.

( Taiba ) Morro chapeu

Good waves, just navigate with medium high or high tide, there are rocks.

( Taiba ) Escaderia

The best waves of Taiba, mount Morro de chapéu and get drifting, the wave is very good or the best, but you can not navigate at low tide because there are rocks.

( Taiba ) Taibinha

Classic spot for waves of Taiba, Mixing surfers and kitesurfers.

( Taiba ) Blauset

Wave spot, better navigate at low tide. With high tide it is very hard to get into the sea.

( Taiba ) Lagoa

In may it fills, June, June and August is full, in September already begins to be emptied, kites, you don't find in the morning first thing works with all tides.

You can go sailing from The pousada and back sailing, is very close. Or walking if there is no level to navigate upwind .

( Taiba ) Secret Spot

It is the best choice for people who want water flat or begginers, it is a one hour walk from the Pousada, although you can also hire a transfer or go kitting and go back kitting as well. Is good to go 2 hours begore the low tide. With hide tide it does not work very good. With low tide is very good.


Good spot of water wave and flat. There is a restaurant with showers first line. Recommended spot to visit.

Lagoinha ( dois lagoas )

Further ( 1 hour at least by car ), by downwind you can do between hour and a half up to 6 hours, depends on the speed of navigation, featuring 2 lagoas and a village with beautiful views, there the wind is more powerful than Taiba.